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Dmitry Artemov coins & banknotes website

Hello! Welcome to my numismatic website!

My name is Dmitry Artemov. I am collector of world coins and banknotes from the Republic of Belarus. I collect world coins by type and UNC banknotes from all countries around the world.

I have been collecting coins and banknotes since 2005 year. Now, in my coins collection I have 6834 different coins from 240 countries, in my banknotes collection I have 1774 different banknotes from 164 countries.

The aim of building this website to communicate and contact with other collectors around the world.

About exchanging/swapping coins, most of the time I swap according to Krause or market prices, banknotes I swap according to Pick or market prices, exchange rate or face value.

Some information about my country''s currency. Belarus currency unit is Ruble, currency measured in rubles. Right now we have 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000, 200000 Rubles banknotes and no circulation coins (only commemorative coins).

Besides trading coins for coins, banknotes for banknotes, I can trade also coins for banknotes and banknotes for coins.

I use only registered mails, because it is the only safest way to send coins and banknotes.

Also I would like to have envelope containing stamps of your country. So please place paper stamps rather than machine stamp on your envelope and put the coins and banknotes between thick card and seal it with tape so coins and banknotes are well hidden and safe.

created 08 August 2008 year

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